Tuesday, July 8, 2008

New Compass Heading

Many of you have noticed that I have been largely absent from Atlas Quest lately. I have received several frantic emails from folks wondering why I am giving up on LTCs, or postals, or letterboxing in general.

I am putting this in writing here so there can be no doubt: I am NOT giving up on letterboxing!

I am giving up on postals. Too many devastating losses. And please don't sing me the song about it all being part of the game. Accidents and the occasional oops by the post office are part of the game. Rudeness and a complete lack of regard for another's hard work are not part of the game.

I am taking a hiatus from LTCs, but that is only temporary. The ideas for new cards still keep me awake at night. So no worries there.

But I could no more give up letterboxing than I could give up breathing. I just simply can't keep reading every post on the boards and getting involved in every project that comes up. I will still hunt and find and carve and plant, but will be much less vocal and visible about it. Event attendance will probably be rare.

Now I will tell you what I am doing. I am spending time with my family and getting ready for a new school year. And I am cleaning my house...sort of. And I am working on starting a business online. Some of you may find this appalling, but I am going to sell my stamps. At least the ones that I don't plant in tupperware in the woods. I promise, I won't let the letterboxing cat out of the bag. I have set up shop on Etsy. My official store is www.nitrocat.etsy.com. I will also be selling Norwegian Hardanger embroidery pieces as well. I don't expect it to be very profitable, but there is always hope, right?
I started doing the Hardanger right after DH and I got married. I put it away while the kids were little because there were too many sharp, pointy objects involved. With the 6yo carving rubber stamps, that seems a moot point now, so I've taken it up again.

I'm still here. Lurking in the background. And when you least expect it, there will be an LTC comeback. ;)