Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Legend of Captain Danvers

Cross post from Leaning Tree Acres
© 2012 by Stacy Christian

The Legend of Captain Danvers 

Listen close and I’ll tell you the tale
Of Danvers, the pirate Captain,
Of how he made his foes do his will,
And how thoroughly he tricked them.

He wore a silk coat, as black as night,
A plume on the brim of his hat.
His boots thumped on the deck of the ship,
And when he spoke, well, that was that.

His crew was a surly pack of dogs.
His first mate, one Mister Lendri.
Together they ruled the amber waves
In their ship, The Collar’d Lady.

For years, they terrorized hill and vale,
Burnt villages down to embers,
And as they hauled their loot out of town,
People would gasp, “It was Danvers!”

Finally one day, to stop the scourge,
The people struck him a bargain:
To Danvers they’d tithe from field and farm,
But ‘specially from the garden.

They stocked his ship’s hold with produce ripe.
His logic: “To stave off scurvy.”
His crew refused to argue with him,
They’d rather eat veg than go hungry.

This would have gone on for years, I’m told,
Except there was a mutiny,
Begun by a fateful night visit
To his captain by Mr. Lendri.

He’d entered the room without a knock,
A thing that was not his habit,
Discovered his captain quite hatless,
And learned Danvers was a Rabbit!

 *extra Cudos if you "get" the Danvers reference without googling it. =:)