Friday, July 29, 2011


Card #: TW-283770
From: pollyabcd
Origin: Taiwan

Caption: "Wake me when your postcard comes"

Note: "Hello, J! It comes from Taiwan. Taiwan is an island surrounded by sea, has a very rich marine resources. Hope you will like this postcard. Have a nice day! Sophie"

Stamps: Sesarmops intermedius  (Taiwan Flower Crab?) and Dicrurus aeneus (Bronzed Drongo)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mediterranean Montana

As J continues to receive postcards from the world over, it astounds me how familiar "foreign" lands appear. (You will now proceed to get "It's a Small World after all" stuck in your head for the rest of the day.) I'm sure I've seen field just like this while driving out West.

Card #: IT-130169
From: squino
Origin: Italy
Caption: Toscana Val d'Orcia - Da Pienza verso l' Amiata (Tuscany--Valley of Orcia - from Pienza towards Mount Amiata)

Note: "Hello, J, people say that one of the main characteristics in Tuscany is landscape. I'm sorry that you can only imagine horses, hares, gooses, wild boars, deers, pheasants, foxes, badgers....Mount Amiata in the background is the only ski resort in Southern Tuscany. Bye, Riccardo & Billy (dog)


Monday, July 25, 2011

Winter Feast

Card #: FL-1046242
From: Weelah
Origin: Finland

Note: "Hi, These birds are very popular in Finland. They are in latin "Pyrrhula pyrrhula". (Eurasian Bullfinch) Why do you have so many rabbits? In Finland we have a almost spring about 2-3 weeks and trees are full of small leafs. Take car: Kirsi"

Stamp: Minna Parikka

Friday, July 22, 2011

Seeing Red

Card #: TW-268492
From: nayuyoo
Origin: Taiwan
Caption: The Red House, Taipei City

Note: "Hi, J ^_^ I'm from Taiwan * I'm university student :) I ♥ collect postcards & bookmarks! My fav animals are dogs:). I ♥ taking a photo  ♥nature, sky-flowers ♥ :O hope u like this card (there is also a kitty doodle at the bottom.)

Stamps: Aphrodisium faldermanni (having trouble finding info on this beetle, other than it's destructive, but you can buy it online--figures), and Luscinia calliope (Siberian rubythroat)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Have your cake and Lick it too

Card #: PL-188241
From: elle_pl
Origin: Poland
Caption: "Frankie"

Note: "Hi, J! You wrote you like animals so I send a postcard with cat :). I hope so you like it :). You are so young :), but I'm not old too! I'm from Poland (Rodom city) and here I'm going to the last class "high school". I'm just learning English, so I'm sorry for my mistakes! Greetings for you and your family!!!...and happy postcrossing :)"

Stamps: Sieradz (a town on the Warta river in central Poland), and Ignacego Jana Paderewski

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cute Factor

Card #: CN-333860
From: chuhan0714
Origin: China
Caption: "May the best wishes around you."

Note: "Hi, J. Greetings from China. I am 20-year-old and major in finance in university. I can't find some real animal's card, so I chose this one, the little bear. Hope you like it. Happy postcrossing..."


Friday, July 15, 2011

Lions, and Tigers, and Bears, Oh, MY!

Card #: RU-353139
From: Julie4290
Origin: Russia
Caption: Odobenus rosmarus L. (walrus) The sender notes that the card is from a zoological museum.
Note: "Hello, my name is Julia. I found many beautiful stamps with animals for you :)  (and how!) I have never been on a real farm. I think it is very interesting to live there, because I love animals too. Have a nice day, J! Best wishes, Julia"


 We are still working on the translation for this poem. It is proving most трудный. If you have better luck, let me know.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Familiar Face

Card #: US-1038006
Origin: USA
Caption: An adorably edible pear bear (these and other "play with your food" photos are by Joost Elffers--favorites from when the girls were little)
Note: "Hi, J! My name is Kristin. I go by kjnohr on postcrossing, but you (and your mom) probably know me better as Trekkie Gal :) When I requested an address and got yours, I had to laugh. This is the first time I am sending an official postcrossing card to someone I actually know. I usually send postcards showing a scene from Indiana or Chicago, but since you don't live that far away, I decided to send this fun "animal" postcard. I hope you like it. Take care! Kristin

Small world.

Monday, July 11, 2011

With a Splash of Lime

Card #: IT-125338
From: quitimorena
Origin: Italy
Caption: Dolomiti-Dolomiten (see Dolomites)
Note: "Ciao J, I'm Morena. I'm 11 years old. I live in Meano in Italy. I play volleyball in the Dolasiana team. Ciao Morena"

Stamps: Youth Olympic Games Singapore 2010 & Joe Petrosino

I think the flowers in the upper left are Edelweiss.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Cocoa Hot Tub

This next card makes me laugh, but drives J crazy. She is so grounded in reality, she has very little tolerance for fantasy. As her sister and mother read, write and live in the Sci-Fi world, it makes for some very lively conversations.

Card #: CA-151639
From: Saffron55
Origin: Canada
Caption: "Hot Tubbing at Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea"...and because I know you're going to ask: Sweetwaters Coffee & Tea, Urban Fairies

Note: "Hi, J, I'm Casey. I live in a small town called Creston BC. My youngest son is in Gr 7. We have lots of pets here too. I love the idea of fairies & think the fairy doors are cute. Happy postcrossing!

Stamps: Epipactis gigantea (Giant helleborine, or stream orchid) & chrysopa oculata (goldeneyed lacewing)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mother Necessity

This next postcard is a perfect example of the coincidental opportunities for learning that Postcrossing provides. It's a chance to challenge what we have always believed to be true and exchange it for a fuller understanding of a subject. For J, this is almost always uncomfortable, but good for her nonetheless. (I have a feeling that someday, she'll wish she had written these posts herself. Too much Mom Intrusion--hereby to be known as MI.)

Card #: DE-855636
From: My_dog_coffee
Origin: Germany
Caption: Heinrich Göbel geboren 1818 in Springe am Deister, entwickelte als Uhrmacher die erste brauchbare Glühlampe und beleuchtete damit 1854 seine Werkstatt. Als Leuchtkörper diente ihm eine verkohlte Bambusfaser in einer luftleeren Eau-de-Cologne-Flasche. Er starb 1883 in den USA. (Oh, alright. If you insist...Heinrich Göbel born in 1818 in Springe am Deister, developed the first practical light bulb as a watchmaker and illuminated it in 1854 his workshop. He as a luminous body a charred bamboo fiber was used in a vacuum, eau de cologne bottle. He died in 1883 in the USA. Thank you, Google Translate!)

On the front, the quote (in German and English) says: "If you want to inspire others, you must first create a light of your own."~Lothar Habler 

Note: "Hello J! My name is Angela and I live in the small town Springe in Germany. I am a mother and a grandmother. My granddaughter is 6 years old and her name is Emily. Heinrich Gobel makes my hometown very special. He was born here. In the year 1854 he created the first useful electric light bulb. My best wishes, Angela"

Stamps: marigold & with good wishes

 Like a good teacher, I'm going to let you do the research on this one on your own, but you might start Here.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!

This is one of the cards that J has been sending to others. We thought it was appropriate for today. Have a safe 4th of July!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Una tarjeta postal

Card #: ES-105380
From: Ignacio
Origin: Spain
Caption: none
Note: "Bilbao, 26-II-2011 [19:30] 12*C (and a little drawing of rain clouds) Hi J! Greetings from Bilbao (Spain)! Photo: long-finned pilot whales (globicephala melas) in the waters of the Gulf of Biscay. Happy postcrossing!"