Saturday, June 30, 2007

Measuring Success

Couldn't sleep, which is normal, so I left the house before six to plant a couple of boxes. Norway-in-a-Pine-Box was easy. It is a drive-by box and I had already scouted the location, so it was a matter of drop off and go. Take a look!

The spot I had in mind to replant the Favoritten wasn't so hot, so I'm still looking. It will be hard to choose another spot since the stamp was almost sight specific. Too bad people have to be juvenile and vandalize in graveyards. I know it wasn't letterboxers that did it, but the caretaker doesn't, which is why he requested I remove it.

The Lake Mermaid box was a little trickier and I may reconsider and find a different spot later. For now, I'll just wait and see.

The puppy that I bought to be my letterboxing buddy just isn't shaping up like I had hoped. He puked in the car this morning and doesn't like to get his feet wet. I, on the other hand, don't consider it a successful letterboxing outing until I am wet half way to my knees and caked with mud.
But we got 2 out of 3 planted and we've both since had baths, so I guess it was an alright day after all!

Letterboxes: 2 Laundry: 0

Friday, June 29, 2007

A Blue Haired Lady

Today was the last day of the two weeks of Vacation Bible School at our church. The teams have been competing all this week to see who got to pick the color that my hair became. It was very close a couple of times, but the Blue team emerged victorious. So last night, professional hair dye in hand, this perfectly sentient and otherwise reasonable adult barricaded herself in the bathroom and proceeded to turn herself into a blue haired lady. Intentionally.
Only it didn't work. I sat with what looked like printer's ink on my hair for a full 15 minutes, but when I rinsed it out, nothing. No change at all!
I won't bore you with the details of how, but by the time I went this morning, my hair did look and feel like I had dunked my head in a bucket of Tempera paint. And the kids loved it. And the dog growled at me. And it washed out on the first try, which means my DH is happy.

And now VBS is done until next year. I am going to take a nap now. But in the morning, I have several letterboxes that I want to plant, a letterboxing buddy to create, postals to mail, plus a whole myriad of other things that I want to catch up on. Not one of which is laundry.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why am I Here?

Somewhere in the depths of our collective imaginations is a list of things that must be done, places that must be visited and people that must be met. For some, the list consists of the type of things that few would dare to attempt. Things like jumping out of an airplane or climbing a formidable peak--just because it's there. For others, the list tallies more do-able adventures like letterboxing, canoeing or riding roller coasters. And others spend their time checking off a list of the mundane. And while dishes, vacuuming and laundry do fall, to some extent, into the category of "must do", there is no law that says when exactly.

So here follows an account of the many things--but heavily leaning toward letterboxing--that fill my time when I am avoiding folding the laundry; a skill which I am proud to say that I have achieved no small mastery at.