Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why am I Here?

Somewhere in the depths of our collective imaginations is a list of things that must be done, places that must be visited and people that must be met. For some, the list consists of the type of things that few would dare to attempt. Things like jumping out of an airplane or climbing a formidable peak--just because it's there. For others, the list tallies more do-able adventures like letterboxing, canoeing or riding roller coasters. And others spend their time checking off a list of the mundane. And while dishes, vacuuming and laundry do fall, to some extent, into the category of "must do", there is no law that says when exactly.

So here follows an account of the many things--but heavily leaning toward letterboxing--that fill my time when I am avoiding folding the laundry; a skill which I am proud to say that I have achieved no small mastery at.

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  1. very noble! i've been going through a depression lately, and letterboxing has helped me have times of respite from it in small doses. i need a vacation, and hopefully next week will be the prescription i need!


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