Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mother Necessity

This next postcard is a perfect example of the coincidental opportunities for learning that Postcrossing provides. It's a chance to challenge what we have always believed to be true and exchange it for a fuller understanding of a subject. For J, this is almost always uncomfortable, but good for her nonetheless. (I have a feeling that someday, she'll wish she had written these posts herself. Too much Mom Intrusion--hereby to be known as MI.)

Card #: DE-855636
From: My_dog_coffee
Origin: Germany
Caption: Heinrich Göbel geboren 1818 in Springe am Deister, entwickelte als Uhrmacher die erste brauchbare Glühlampe und beleuchtete damit 1854 seine Werkstatt. Als Leuchtkörper diente ihm eine verkohlte Bambusfaser in einer luftleeren Eau-de-Cologne-Flasche. Er starb 1883 in den USA. (Oh, alright. If you insist...Heinrich Göbel born in 1818 in Springe am Deister, developed the first practical light bulb as a watchmaker and illuminated it in 1854 his workshop. He as a luminous body a charred bamboo fiber was used in a vacuum, eau de cologne bottle. He died in 1883 in the USA. Thank you, Google Translate!)

On the front, the quote (in German and English) says: "If you want to inspire others, you must first create a light of your own."~Lothar Habler 

Note: "Hello J! My name is Angela and I live in the small town Springe in Germany. I am a mother and a grandmother. My granddaughter is 6 years old and her name is Emily. Heinrich Gobel makes my hometown very special. He was born here. In the year 1854 he created the first useful electric light bulb. My best wishes, Angela"

Stamps: marigold & with good wishes

 Like a good teacher, I'm going to let you do the research on this one on your own, but you might start Here.