Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hills and Hurdles

My two girls have never liked letterboxing. They don't go willingly and it is always Too Hot, Too Cold, Too Windy, Too Sunny, Too Far, Too Boring, etc. On top of the complaining is the reality that my oldest has Sensory Integration Disorder. Which means, among other things, that the light touch from leaves as she passes on the trail feels like thorns to her.
But then the Boxing Buddies arrived. Tweeter the bat for the 8yo who loves bats and wants to be a vet, Pinky Poo the poodle for the 5yo pink princess supreme, and Frankie the Moose for Mom just because. And last night when I suggested we take the buddies letterboxing today, there was no hesitation or murmurings. And when we came upon that monster slippery hill this morning, there was no griping or tears. And when the mosquitoes tried to stamp their signatures on us, there was no whimpering.
And we had a blast, found 5 out of 5 letterboxes, and discovered a little hot dog stand with the best Pina Colada shakes I've ever had.
I still can't believe how well it went. When I think about that hill, I realize that it wasn't the only hurdle that was crossed successfully today. I am immensely proud of my girls! They are the best letterboxing buddies I could ever have. Where are we going tomorrow?

Letterboxes: 33 Laundry: 1

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  1. oh how neat! i'm very glad that i had a hand in helping. i think your girls need a certificate... I will work on drawing one up ;)


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