Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Blackberry Farm

For our Fieldtrip Every Week (FEW) last week, the girls and I visited Blackberry Farm in Aurora. When DH and I were kids, it was called Pioneer Park, and we were dragged there every year like clockwork. And like most things that are done once too often "whether you like it or not", we got bored with it quickly. Remembering that, I have been reluctant to take the girls, in spite of it being less than 30 minutes away, and cheap to boot.

Waiting paid off. We could not have had a more perfect day. The weather was gorgeous, the park was not crowded and we were all in the right frame of mind to enjoy it completely (What a difference that makes!). The people who work in the various buildings dress, speak, and act in character. It was such fun to watch the girls interact with them. I'm sure we all learned more in that one day than in an entire week "in school".
The train was a huge hit as well, and J made us ride it several times. In particular, she found it hilarious when all the kids on the train would scream as we went through the tunnel.
I am also happy to report that they had a gift shop and it was delightfully affordable. That doesn't happen every day.