Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Lite

If you've been wondering what we've been doing this holiday season, I'm going to suggest that you simply go back and reread the baking posts from last year. That pretty much covers what I've done since Thanksgiving.
Lefse, Kringla, cookies, fudge, caramels and brittle are all done. I haven't had the heart to drag out any of the rest.
The girls have done all of the decorating. That's one of the advantages of having children that just keep getting older every year. They remember where everything goes and are responsible enough to be careful with the fragile items. I just opened the boxes and let them loose.
I slapped some paper on the presents and they artfully arranged them under the tree (which we wouldn't have at all if it wasn't already pre-assembled in the basement). I have a little bit of tatting to finish and then I'm done.
M is happily crafting with perler beads and whatever else she can coax me into bringing out.

The holidays take a certain emotional connection to pull off with pizazz. Combine a lack of pizazz (it's more like pffzt!) with my already dominant slacker traits and what you get is truly pathetic.

There's always next year.

~There is another component to this. More on that later this week.