Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Lick and a Promise

For her birthday this year, J received everything that she would need to start Postcrossing, a hobby in which she exchanges postcards with random people around the world. Send a postcard, get a postcard. Lick a stamp and hold onto the promise that you have some really cool mail coming your way. It's that simple.

It's a great way to reach outside of her little sphere and learn about new cultures, people and places around the globe. Of course, the educator in me saw a plump opportunity for applications in geography, language arts, and a host of other topics. Not to mention the stamp collecting potential.*

Now, she has decided that we should post her cards here so that family and friends can see them too. It is, after all, yet another one of the things that we do to help us avoid domesticity. She has received 35+ to date, so it will take a little to catch up. If there is a lull, we can post some of the other postcards she has received in the last few years.

For any of you who are already postcrossers and would like to look her up, her username is DoodlePaws.

Card #:US-1018450
From: JRyanNY
Origin: New York (Yes, we are aware the postcard is of CA, but it was mailed in NY)
Caption: Another perfect Palm Desert sunset.
Note: "Hey! Hope you enjoy this post and it finds you safe and not too cold! This view is what I see each night while here in California and it is an amazing place! I like the view here and in NYC but like this one more! Hope you enjoy the postcard!"
Stamps: We'll post a photo of the foreign stamps, but everyone here knows what US stamps look like. :)

*Actually, this is all Trekkie Gal's fault. She started it. You can blame her.