Monday, September 12, 2011

Tired of Titles*

Card #: PL-226945
From: Demifortes
Origin: Poland
Caption: Poznanski Palace, History Museum and Contemporary gallery of Lodz.

Note: "Hey! I'm Ewa, 15 & I live in Lodz. It's in the middle of Poland. I love reading and writing. I'd like to be a writer. I love animals, too! I've got only one, blue cat called  'Gizmo', but he's really cool. Greetings, Ewa."

Stamps: Jan Matejko Manor and Sopot

*While you are reading these posts over the course of several months, they were all written in about 3 days. Today is really the 29th of June and this is postcard number 24 for the day. I'm done naming stuff.