Monday, November 12, 2007

Atomic Event

The Letterboxing Wedding event hosted by Atom 118 and Coffee Beans last Saturday was a fantastic success in every way. While many of our spouses may not ever understand the compulsion to get together with a group of almost complete strangers and get ink all over ourselves, I, for one, could not have been happier. It was great to connect faces with some of the boxes we've found and postals we've received, as well as make new friends and touch base with ones we've met before.
And the stamps! When I left, I thought I had them all, but now I keep discovering ones I missed. Still, the toasters were a hoot and my favorite. I've already had to explain Mandie though~even the 5yo knows that's not a wedding dress she's wearing!
The food was delicious and abundant, as was the laughter. And unless there is one buried in the stew in the crockpot in my fridge, I didn't come home with one cootie!
One of these days, I will figure out a way to be organized at an event, actually use the camera that I bring and spend more time talking to people than stamping.
Atomic Beans, I hope your wedding is half the fun as Saturday was!

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