Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Cows

Have you seen the commercials about the happy cows? The ones that tell you that real cheese comes from happy cows and happy cows come from California? Well, all of the cows in California are laughing at me.
You see, our family is working on switching over to Whole Foods. Now before you think that this seems very Un-Slacker-like of me, bear in mind that once I've done a bit of leg work, this should be cheaper, healthier, and Less work than what I'm doing now.
One of the things that I have been researching is Raw Certified Milk. Raw Certified Milk is the only milk in the United States, raw or pasturized, that is tested for Salmonella. Since my little brother almost died from Salmonella during the Jewel milk scare back in the 80's, testing is a good thing in my book. That, along with other things that I have read have convinced me that it would be worth it to try it.
Ha. Apparently, our great state has once again decided that We the People are incapable of making wise decisions without their intervention, and the sale of raw dairy products is illegal in Illinois. However...if you own a cow, they cannot prevent you from reaping the benefits of said cow in whatever form you like, processed or otherwise. And it just so happens that there are clubs to join, where for a minimal yearly fee you can own a "membership" in a cow, thus circumventing that particular law. While the thought of being in a "Cow Club" and having a "Cow Card" is just Oh So Far Side, I had to check it out. Basically, you join, place a weekly order, drive over an hour away to a private residence and pick up your milk. At $16 a gallon. And this isn't the certified stuff either, which means I wouldn't consider it at 1/4 that price. It comes in quart jars, which you rinse and return at the next pick up. Not that I'd really know, but this has the feel of an illegal drug purchase to me. But it's just Milk, for crying out loud!!!
Obviously, I have no intention of doing this. It would be cheaper to buy a cow and milk it myself.
Those of you in California that can purchase raw certified milk in the stores, have a glass for me and let me know if its any good. And tell those Alta Dena cows that I can hear them and it's not nice to laugh at people.


  1. my husband feels exactly as you do. isn't it strange that the government tries to label you as a subversive fanatic wacko if you want something natural instead of the chemicalized stuff they insist is safe for you?

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