Sunday, February 15, 2009

Romantic Purgatory

There seems to be an arbitrary sort of romantic purgatory for men. If a guy somehow finds himself in the seventh level of hell for forgetting an anniversary, then he can work himself out of it by buying just the right gift. But only at Zales or Jared's. And strangely enough, there does not seem to be a reciprocal phenomenon for women. I did not see or hear one single commercial this year that was geared towards getting a woman to buy Valentine's Day gifts for the man in her life.
You see this same sort of trend in all of the wedding drama/reality shows. It's all about the babe in the dress with a princess-because-I-deserve-it complex too big for her budget. Who cares if the guy even shows up.

That's not love. Do you want to know what love is?
  • Love is getting up at 4:30 every morning, regardless of how you feel or what the weather is, to provide for your family.
  • Love is grocery shopping together and calling it a "date".
  • Love is reading the same story for the 29th time this month.
  • Love not caring that your vacations always seem to be planned around where and when the next medical appointment will be.
  • Love is trading the Mustang for a mini van.
  • Love is pretending to be interested when your spouse goes on and on about letterboxing (or antique tractors).
  • Love is when you are okay with the fact that the fanciest restaurant that you've gone to in years is Chili's or that the only movies you ever see in the theatre anymore are animated.
  • Love is looking at a spouse who isn't in their prime anymore and being attracted to them anyway.
  • Love is knowing that they mean it when they mumble "I love you" 2 seconds before the snoring begins.
  • Love is not having to outspend the other in order to prove your love.


  1. Hear hear! I hate that the media perpetuates the ridiculous idea that women need jewelry in order to feel loved/happy. Screw that, I want electronics! :D But also, my husband got me a whoopie pie for V-day and that was fantastic. I don't see any commercials about whoopie pies and I bet for a lot of women that would go over way better than some ugly necklace they'll only wear once or twice. :D

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