Monday, March 2, 2009

101 Uses for a dryer sheet

I've updated the list for the coffee filters and thought it was time to add a new item to our 101 Uses lists. This time, Dryer Sheets!

  1. Tie or pin a dryer sheet to your clothing to repel mosquitoes when you are letterboxing. I tuck mine into my cap to keep them away from my face.
  2. They also repel ants...
  3. ...and mice...
  4. ...and yellow jackets...
  5. They will take the odor out of books and photo albums.
  6. Remove static electricity from your tv or computer screen...
  7. also helps keep dust from resettling on those surfaces.
  8. Dissolve soap scum from shower doors and tubs.
  9. Put one in the vaccum cleaner.
  10. Store one in empty luggage to keep them smelling fresh when not in use.
  11. Store them in sleeping bags or camping gear.
  12. Lay them in drawers or on shelves in closets.
  13. Put them in the top of laundry hampers...
  14. ...or gym bags...
  15. ...or tennis shoes...
  16. ...or garbage cans...
  17. ...or litterboxes...
  18. ...or the fridge... (you'd think we had issues with stinkiness, wouldn't you?)
  19. Run a threaded needle through a dryer sheet to keep it from tangling.
  20. Use them to collect pet hair from furniture.
  21. Use them to remove baked on food from cookware. Lay a sheet in the pan and fill with water. Let it sit and then wipe off the food. The anti static agent helps break the bond between the food and the dish.
  22. Use them to clean up saw dust after sand or drilling.
  23. Dust venetian blinds with a dryer sheet.
  24. I have used them to control my girls' fly away hair.
  25. Rub them on slips, skirts, etc to remove the static.
  26. Oh! I almost forgot! You can put them in your dryer too.
Your turn!


  1. Wow! When I use dryer sheets, I use the unscented ones.... but that thing about mosquitos and yellow jackets - woo hoo!!! Gonna go buy a box right NOW! We almost got eaten alive by yellow jackets last summer - I bet a few cases of dryer sheets would have made that camping trip more fun ;-))

  2. I have to try the cleaning a pan thing. Sounds great to me.

  3. You can also use them as a bookmark!

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