Saturday, April 11, 2009

~Al Fin~

LTC Spoiler Alert!!!

It took about two months longer than I had anticipated, but I am extremely happy to announce that the last of the Rainbow Pixies is finally completed. They have been dragged several thousand miles across country in an effort to get them done whenever I had a spare moment to work on them, but the job is complete at last. Any of the cards that I owe will be in envelopes in the mail no later than Wednesday. Additional trades will be arranged shortly thereafter.

As a side note, I should mention that the 6 year old has already found another set of pictures that she thinks would make great stamps. And of course, she's right. But there is more than a dozen of them and my head hurts just thinking about it. She has a letterboxer's eye, if nothing else, and is beginning to want to go out with me. At our favorite nursery yesterday, she saw some really cool boxes and mentioned that they would make great letterbox containers just as I was thinking the same thing myself. Between the two of us, we will never lack for ideas, that's for sure!!


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