Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pirate Treasure Hunt

At the beginning of the summer, I decided to do a treasure hunt for the kids, unbeknown to them . The loot included make-your-own message in a bottle necklace kits, pirate bandannas, pirate coins, jibbitz for crocs, rock candy and a pirate flag--all from Oriental Trading. But then weather and lack of inspiration struck and all of it sat in the office. Until yesterday. The night before, M watched National Treasure with her Papa while I was at a meeting. She woke up with grand plans to write a note to her cousins so they could do their own treasure hunt, but she had no plan for what they were going to be looking for. I convinced her to be patient and give me an hour and we would do it up right. This is what followed.

I wrote out a poem and delivered it to "the Buccaneers next door" (the 4 cousins).

Legend be told
Of Blackbeard's gold
Hid on an Isle
In ocean cold.

Map that was lost--
Found at great cost.
Ship sent to search--
By wild storm tossed.

From East to West
As the Sun crests
Horizons far--
Where is the chest?

Brave the gale!
Find it or fail!
All Ye Pirates,
Finish this tale!

They were instructed to work together and not let anyone fall overboard (although there were several side excursions in the dinghy).

Thirteen clues then led them through obtaining fuel for their voyage (the propane tank), gathering grain for bread and rum (the crib--Yes, I know beer is made from grain and rum is made from...whatever rum is made from. I was working with what I had.), a bell tolling, an old iron horse, soldiers in the fort...until they found the treasure and were instructed to divide the spoils equally, or risk the Black Spot.

 It was great fun, and, for the moment, I'm a cool Mom. Oh, yeah.