Saturday, February 5, 2011

Strange Things

We've been working on getting rid of some clutter over the past few weeks and have come across some unusual items. Even more interesting, however, is the process of sorting through old files on the computer. Pictures in particular. This one seemed appropriate:

In 2006 we took a vacation to visit relatives in Ohio. I was able to squeeze in a couple letterbox hunts while there, thanks to my ever patient family. On one outing, we found this broom--inexplicably parked next to a waterfall. It is easily the strangest thing that I have ever seen while boxing. The second would be the 25 pound bag of cat chow on the trail, miles away from anything.

As I sort through old photos, it is my plan to post slideshows of various vacations, field trips, and asundries. My main purpose is to create a place to look at them (and get them off my hard drive at the same time) without spending the money to print them (at least until I can afford it). Feel free to look at them, or ignore them.

In the meantime, what is the strangest thing that you have found while out hiking?