Thursday, February 3, 2011

2 More Things

Remember my list of 12 Things? Well, I thought of 2 more.
  • Kick the Soda Addiction. I can add this one because it's already done. Along with learning to play the spoons, tatting with a shuttle, and carrying less baggage, my trip to Louisiana had the unexpected effect of curing me of my soda (pop, or coke-with a small "c" for those of you who live elsewhere) cravings. Now, you have to understand that this was unintentional, and nothing short of miraculous. I've tried unsuccessfully many times in the past. The two cans that I have opened in the last several weeks have gone unfinished. It doesn't even taste good anymore. And no headaches either. Weird, but good. Now if I could just kick the Praline addiction that I acquired in NOLA.
  • Declutter the house. At the end of last year, several friends found the 365 Less Things website. My whole family (aunts, etc) are now busily getting rid of stuff we didn't even realize was clutter. The unwanted task of going through the possessions that a loved one has left behind has been added incentive for the rest of us to get organized. Some favorite items that our descendants will Not have to deal with now: phone books going back to 2004, a girdle, and 19 toothbrushes kept "just in case we need to scrub something".
PS-I've also caught up on Doctor Who. :)