Friday, August 12, 2011

The Maine Thing

Card #: US-1103657
From: Saturn_Dreaming
Origin: Maine, US
Caption: " Maine facts--Maine-"Pine Tree State"; Capital-Augusta-Area-33,125 sq. miles; Population-"1990" 1,227,928; Motto-"Dirigo" I direct; Flower-Pine Cone; Animal-MOOSE!; Cat-Maine Coon; insect-Honeybee; bird-Chickadee; tree-Eastern White Pine; 23rd State admitted to the Union (how funny that the postcard is printed in Italy!)

Note: "Hello, J, Greetings from Maine. It is great that you live on a farm. I live in a city are and would like to live near more farms. I would love to see all the animals. I have three cats but it would be great to have more. Happy Postcrossing!"

Stamps: US forever pinecones (of course!), but more interesting are the moose and bear holographic stickers (which don't scan well).

I love these fun collage cards (I'm sure there is an official name for this style, but I don't know it. TG?). I'm hoping that someday J will have one from every state.