Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shuttle Launch

We interrupt this broadcast (of postcards) to bring you the latest news from the crafting frontier....

 After many, many, many,.....many attempts at learning how to tat with a shuttle, I am pleased as punch to announce that I may finally have it figured out. Thanks to Karen Cabrera and her wonderful instructional videos! The above bookmark is my first real completed piece. Not a needle stitch on it, I am happy to say.

 And in keeping with M's declaration that this is "the Summer of Dragons", I have needle tatted a couple of dragons. The "pestystings" (reference to the How to Train Your Dragon audio books), is Anne Bruvold's "Ringtrim--a microdragon" pattern. Her flying Minor Norwegian Dragon is also in the works, but only after M goes to bed. Shhh! It's a secret!

Next is a rainbow version of Martha Ess' Paprika the dragon.

And finally, just because I had to:

A Netherland Dwarf doodle, complete with visual pattern. =:)