Tuesday, November 1, 2011


...or would it be Leafing?
Anyway, the idea to scatter tatted leaves over our Thanksgiving table has taken hold. M has been gathering leaves from the bushes and trees outside and pressing them in books. I have been tatting Marilee Rockley's small maple leaf pattern until I have it memorized. We went to our local Hobby Lobby and cleaned out all of their fall colors of Lizbeth size 20. That should keep me in thread for a long time.

I hope to have one made for every person that will be here with us that day. We're expecting 24, so I have a way to go. I did make one other leaf, with beads on it (like the one on M's must-have necklace), but I can't find it. I took it with me to match threads, and I suspect it fell out of my pocket at some point. They only take about an hour to make, and I've been rewatching episodes of Sci-Fi shows while doing it, so I won't pout too much about it. I hope that it will brighten the day of whoever happens to pick it up.

I think I have finally conquered the "sewing under caps" method of hiding thread ends, so that isn't such a frustration anymore.

In completely unrelated news, DH and I celebrate our 15th anniversary tomorrow. I can't believe that man has put up with me for this long! If that isn't a perfect example of God's grace, then I don't know what is.
It looks like they might just finish bringing the crops in by then. We are disappearing the girls and running away. We may come back.