Monday, October 31, 2011

My Ghost

*This is as close to a Halloween post as you are likely to ever see on this blog.

I finally took some pictures of my new bunny, and I had to show him to you!
Even though I have a whole other blog dedicated to bunny posts.
And even though 99.9% of you will have no idea why I'm so excited about this particular rabbit...or care.

Allow me to introduce Levi:

Levi is a Ghost Chinchilla, also called an Ermine (lilac, in this case). He was bred by Laura and Ruth, a Mother/Daughter team from the north west of Wisconsin. DH says he must be special for me to drive across state lines to get him. I was able to meet Laura and Ruth on their way down to the ARBA national convention in Indy, or the drive would have been much farther. (I'm still pouting that I didn't get to go to the convention this year. Imagine--over 23,000 rabbits all in one place!)
On top of some really amazing blood lines, Levi has three things genetically that I want to work with in my herd:
  1. He's Lilac. (Seriously? Who wouldn't want to work with a Purple bunny?)
  2. He's Chinchilla.
  3. He's non-extension. (all that means is that the gene causes the color not to extend to the end of each hair shaft, creating some really cool effects.)
At about this point, DH usually glazes over, so I'll stop. I'm just really excited to see what he'll bring into the nest box starting next spring.

My photo editing program does not know what to do with his eyes. They are a light blue grey, and reflect ruby in the light. The flash makes them horribly red, but the program eliminates all the red, which isn't quite right either. *shrug* I guess you'll just have to come and see him in person.