Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Necklace Fail & Fix

There is a danger in browsing crafting blogs with the 9yo looking over your shoulder. That danger is that she might see something like THIS and immediately begin coveting. Three minutes after we saw the stunningly gorgeous necklace on Elizabeth's blog, M came into the office with a little gold pinecone charm and a pitiful story about how she just needed some kind of chain to hang it on.

So, being the dutiful Mother and slave to my children's every whim, I worked to create a duplicate of the necklace for her. NOT.

Truth is, in previous years of homeschooling, there were periods of time when the girls worked on assignments independently, and I could move back and forth between teaching and household chores. This year is much more hands-on for me, and while there are still times when they work on their own, if I attempt to get anything done (say, load the dishwasher), then someone will have a crisis with fractions or comma splits and need me immediately. However, if I sit dutifully at my desk, pretending to do nothing at all, work flows more smoothly. But it's boring.
So, the pathetic hinting at a necklace was a perfect excuse to fiddle with string (which apparently doesn't count as accomplishing something). I've wanted to try the spiral chain with a shuttle and this was my chance.

While I never intended to make anything even remotely resembling Elizabeth's work, the results are still a little disappointing for me. Spiral chain is much easier with the needle, I have to say. I found some tips on the InTatters forum that helped and was getting better toward the end of the project though.
The medallion is a complete flop. I stitched it first and then joined the chain to it, which was a mistake. I also made a medallion with 5 petals, so the charms hangs lopsided. I have to fix it.

Never mind that this is for the child who will probably wear it with the fabric yardage with green fish scales, a purple lei, pink glitter slippers, and a crocheted daisy hat while she plays "Queen of the Dragons" (there have been lots of dragons lately).
I have to fix it because she still believes that I can do everything and fix anything.

And because I am a slave to her every whim.

Better now? I thought so too. This is Yarnplayer's Small Maple Leaf pattern, available for purchase from her Etsy shop, and completely worth it. The instructions and illustrations are so clear that this stitched up like a dream with little effort. Of course, I had to use her "Sugar Maple" HDT too. It makes me want to tat scads of these and sprinkle them all over the table at Thanksgiving. Hmmmm....