Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Card #: US-1203038
From: MsHelper
Origin: California
Caption: Amusement Park on beach, Santa Cruz Boardwalk, local teen hotspot!

Note: "J, I worked with 6th graders this year. Even though each person is different, these are some of the things that the students really like: Cell phones (for texting only), those shaped rubber band bracelets, skateboarding, video games, music, Twilight, sports, and Hello Kitty is loved by both girls and boys. Does this sound like you or your classmates?"


MI (mom intrusion, in case you don't remember): What do you think? With a mom who thinks texting has brought about the death of dignity in our society, breaks out in hives at the thought of Silly Bandz and Hello Kitty and does a fair impression of Chernobyl at the mention of Twilight, does this sound like J?
"Angels and ministers of grace defend us!"