Saturday, October 8, 2011


What do you call scraps of tatting? Scrats?

Before starting a new project, I needed to empty a few shuttles of the leftover bits of thread. I made a few doodles with the last of "Aqua Bay" and some of "Lava", 2 of the HDTs from Yarnplayer. I'm hoping to use them on a the secret Christmas gift idea.

The two larger doo-lollies done in Lava are my first two attempts at the center of the Yes-U-Can doily challenge. Not completely happy with either, I've decided to set that aside until after the holidays. Part of my problem is that I haven't found a method of hiding my thread ends that I am satisfied using. The Magic Thread trick works well at the beginning if I'm starting with a ring. Not so much anywhere else. And I am a complete failure at "sewing under the caps". Oh, well. I'll figure it out eventually.