Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Three Supermodels and a Cow

Supermodel bookmarks, that is, but I bet that got your attention!
Over the weekend, I tatted up three bookmarks using Brooklynne Michelle's pattern, which is, in turn, inspired by Kersti's Stumpy bookmark pattern, which is next on my list.

On the first (left), I omitted the Josephine chain because I messed up the very first chain and I didn't think it would support it. I ended with a ring and tassel instead. I was completely torn about using the magnificent HDT from Yarnplayer (this one is Stardate in a size 20) for a tassel, because it seemed wasteful, but I didn't have any matching embroidery floss that would work.
The second (far right), I ended with a clover so that it would mirror the top. Still needs it's tassel.

The third (middle) is the Supermodel whose career is over and she has let herself go.
After months with the shuttle, I pulled out my needle and worked this pattern. I never thought I'd say it, but I prefer the shuttle. The needle is still faster, but only just. Making even picots is a little easier, as is correcting mistakes and hiding thread tails. However, the tension of shuttle tatting is significantly better for me.
Analyzing that, I think it has to do with the diameter of the needle, which is the substitute for the core thread as you are forming the stitches. Because you have to thread the needle, it will always be slightly larger than the diameter of the thread you are using. No matter how tight your stitches, the channel that you pass the core thread through when you finish the rings and chains will always be slightly too big. This gives the work a softer feel, but also leaves the stitches a little slack to wallow around a bit. Picots also tend to not stay put.
This is just the results that I have seen. Looking at the work of other needle tatters, like Totusmel, it is obviously a problem that can be overcome. I think I need a consult.

You're still wondering about the cow, aren't you?
Yesterday, our freezer beef was delivered. The faithful may remember that every year my FiL purchases a steer at the 4-H auction, has it processed, and shares it with BiL's family and us. He has done this for years. I'm not even sure what beef costs in the stores anymore. Needless to say, this is a huge blessing for which we could never be too thankful. Not to mention that it is delicious beyond words. Hand fed and pampered, it probably even had a name, but we don't want to think about that.

Guess what we had for dinner last night?

Another Beef BBQ

1# ground beef
1 small onion, chopped
1 t. salt
1 t. chili powder (give or take)
3/4 c BBQ sauce (I used the Dr Pepper BBQ!)
8 oz tomato sauce
1 c sweet corn
1 c. shredded cheddar

Brown beef and onion, add remaining ingredients and simmer 15 minutes. Add cheese and heat until melted.

We served this over hot buttermilk cheddar biscuits (Betty Crocker recipe with cheese added), which were heavenly, but the BBQ overwhelms the flavor of the biscuits. We're going to try it over homemade cornbread next time. I suspect it will do the same, but it's yummy anyway.