Monday, December 26, 2011

Post Christmas Post


The frantic-ness of Christmas is over and we finally have a day to breathe, sit around in our new PJs, watch new movies, and eat leftover cookies. Now this is what Christmas is all about! (Not really)


After doing a little tatting tally, I figured out that I have completed round one of the 25 motif challenge. In fact, I've more than completed it. Since August, I have made:
  • 3 hearts
  • 3 dragons
  • 14 leaves
  • a handful of tidbits
 Several more Cross "Hope" bookmarks--this time done in Christmas colors

The idea of covering our Thanksgiving table with scattered leaves only half worked. I was able to finish 14 of them, and sprinkle them on a side table. I loved how it looked, but can't find the picture--even though I know I took one.

In spite of being done with the Challenge, I don't think it's done with me. I'm going to do it again, but this time, I'm going to tighten the parameters of what counts as a Motif. For me at least.
I received a treasure trove of tatting pattern books for Christmas from my In-Laws. Since we are just beginning the drawn-out-will-it-never-end part of winter, I'd like to tat a flurry of snowflakes. The "Snow Mobile" that the girls and I have put up for a number of years got mangled after we took it down last year. Paper snowflakes don't hold up to much abuse. I want to work on replacing them.

My challenge is going to be to complete 25 tatted pieces in the next year. However, they have to be patterns that I can't complete in one sitting. That means that each one will need to take a minimum of 4 hours. 3 hours seems to be my embroidery or tatting limit for one day. 

The hardest part will be choosing which new pattern to work on first!