Thursday, December 15, 2011

Tat's a Wrap

Since I still haven't managed to unplug myself from the grid during the holidays, this last month has been crazy. Just like it has been for everyone else. If the Christmas season isn't crazy and stressful for you, for pity's sake, let the rest of us in on your secret, please!

Goodies are being baked, gatherings attended, and gifts made and wrapped. Yadda yadda...and humbug (not really).

In spite of being forced to take time off from tatting while my finger healed from a nasty mishap involving a sharp pointy object and a soda bottle, I have managed to finish the last few projects that I was planning as gifts. Other than being tatted, they have nothing whatsoever in common.

 Cross "Hope", pattern available on In Tatters--Lizbeth thread, size 20, in white and Christmas green mix (#601, 152). I really like how the colors lined up on this one. It was an easy pattern and will probably become a staple. I added a somewhat random Josephine chain to make it a bookmark.

 I really hope she doesn't read here, because this dragon is for Renee. She loved the green and gold one that I have, so I made this one for her. I think these are more her colors though, and I love how they look on Anne's Dragon. The thread is Lizbeth Black and  Falling Leaves (#604, 100), both in size 20. Someday, I'm going to be brave and tat this pattern in something really tiny, like a size 80 or 100.
Renee, if you are reading, act surprised.

I couldn't make up my mind whether I wanted to make a wreath or a snowflake, so I tatted Jon Yusef's Hearts in a Snowflake pattern in Christmas colors. Again, with Lizbeth size 20, in Christmas Red and Leaf Green medium (#671, 684--I think). This pattern was not difficult, but it was the first thing that I made after my boo-boo, so I'd like to try it again (with beads) sometime when my hand is less...gimpy. My tension needs to be more consistent on this one.

I've lost count, but I think I'm somewhere near 19 or 20 motifs for the challenge now. Not far now!