Sunday, August 31, 2008


Long ago, the money that I spend in the grocery store ceased to shock me. Now I don't even bat an eye when I drop $100 in the till at Wal-Mart. Anything more than that only gets a sigh of resignation. Equally ridiculous is how I have had my head buried in the sand about the conditions that millions of other people live in everyday around the world.
This year, our family has decided to partipate, along with ours and other local churches in the Communities Responding to Overcome Poverty, or CROP Walk; specifically the walk that is taking place near us on October 5th. You can find more information here or here.

DH and the girls will be walking 1 mile and I plan to walk the 5 mile route. We will be obtaining sponsors to raise money for our walk. If you would like to sponsor one or all of us, you can visit the C Christian family team page.
When donating, you can specify, from an approved list, which international hunger-fighting agency you want your donation to be designated to. This is a cooperative effort, not just one organization.

For all of you LTC fanatics, I will be creating 3 special trading cards for those who sponsor me at the $5, $15, or $25 levels. $5 will get you the first card, $15=2 cards, $25=all three cards. I may also have the girls design and make their own trading cards as a thank you to those who sponsor them. I fully and completely acknowledge that this is shameless self-promotion, but also hope that you will overlook that minor detail in light of the fact that it is for a worthy cause.

On top of that, I plan to donate all of the proceeds from my etsy store for the month of September to CROP Walk.

Updates, and pictures to follow!


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