Friday, December 11, 2009

A Quick Favor

I have a quick favor to ask of my readers.
I am currently working on building a new website for our church using only interlinked blogs. Why? Because I'm curious to see if it can be done. That and I'm bored. Ha!

I've installed Google Analytics to each page and I'd like to make sure it works. The easiest way to do that is to have people from different regions click through the site. Would you mind visiting the site for me? You can find it here: Somonauk Baptist Church. There isn't much to see yet, so it shouldn't take long at all.

Thanks ever so much!


  1. Everything I tried worked just fine. :-)

  2. Check!

    I just got analyzed, didn't I? By Google? What did it tell you? Did it say that I'm still in my pjs?;-)

    Great start, my friend. I recognize several of those links! Enjoy putting it together.

  3. Everything worked fine for me. :-)

  4. I clicked around for a bit - very cool! :-)

  5. looks like it worked very nicely! If I hadn't known it was interlinked blogs, I would not have noticed it. you might want to play with the background colors, and make all of them match. also maybe add a photo to all the pages, a logo of the church, or something like that, to help tie them together.

    just thinkin aloud.


  6. Worked great! Nice job, Stacy! :o)

  7. The Church Calender on the Information page doesn't work. Otherwise, everything looks great!


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