Thursday, May 13, 2010

Signature Worthy of Kings

Sorry. I couldn't resist the word play. It was either that or "Carving Royalty". Anyway...

The Stamp Exchange platform on AQ is a nifty thing. Get rid of stamps you don't want anymore or don't have time to plant, or find something you need. Help someone or be helped. With hundreds of stamps carved, I'm to the point of having no idea what to do with them all. The stamp exchange has helped me off load several. I also just carved the above sig for some new boxers. It was fun finding the different crowns for each of their family members. (permission to post granted)

I am aware of the argument that everyone should carve their own sig. They had.  They were just looking for something that better represented them. Since the image came readily to me, I decided to carve it.

Now I'm working on a new series of traditionals that I have in mind.