Thursday, August 16, 2007

5 year old discoveries

This is what I get for showing the 5 year old what happens when you add bubble bath to the whirlpool tub and turn the jets on.
Now I'm going to have to share.

On a more letterboxing note: we have begun the creation of our very first boxing buddy. His stamp and logbook with be finished tonight and his photo shoot should be complete tomorrow. I will post an introducion and he should be ready to travel on Monday!


  1. don't the instructions on the whirlpool say not to do that?

    anyway, great to hear about your first boxing buddy. do you need a host???

    oh, and this is the boxer formerly known as "midlandtrailblazer" i'm going through a spell and felt like changing my name.

  2. As long as you don't change your name to Mad Cow, we're okay with it.
    The way I understand it, the bubbles don't hurt the spa, they just make a huge mess when they overflow all over the floor. I run cleaning solution through the jets pretty frequently anyway (that kind of cooties creeps me out worse than ticks!) which should take care of any left behind.

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