Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Night boxing check-lists

From the comments here and on the boards, I gather that there should be two kinds of letterboxes for folks to hunt at night:

Boxes for Most of Us should include:
  • Relatively safe locations free of eye-poking sticks and lurking law enforcement with nothing better to do than press the finer points of the law. (that last could be difficult considering we live in one of those places that prints every public service call in the weekly paper-and it still takes less than a page)
  • A story line or twist to the hunt that gets the adrenaline pumping just a bit.
  • A cool overlook or view of stars (sorry, no mountains or sandy beaches worth talking about in northern Illinois)
  • Preferably no homeless people jumping out at you (I suppose that could cross the line from adrenaline to change-of-underwear in a quick hurry.)

Boxes for Kirbert should include:

  • The need for typhoid and yellow fever shots
  • Carrying a machete
  • A rabid rhinoceros; or at the very least, several vampire bats
  • A moving target

One last question...or two:

How far would you be willing to drive to find a Nighttime Letterbox? And, would it make a difference if there were several fairly close together, perhaps even in the same park/cemetery?


  1. well, i would be willing to drive up to an hour away, ESPECIALLY if there are 3-5 boxes in the area, preferably all in the same park, trail, etc. probably would make it a camping excursion. of course, i'm thinking wilderness area, so it might not apply to what you have in mind....

    sounds like my hubby would enjoy boxing with that kirbert fella.....

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