Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Owning Up and a Night boxing question

Like my new sign? Isn't admitting that you have a problem supposed to be the first step?

I am also happy to report that I have snapped out of my initial fascination with the clothesline. Hung a handful of shirts out there last Thursday and they are still there. They've been rained on twice now too!
The kittens and I have all of our supplies assembled for making a night time letterbox. We have scouted a location as well. Still haven't found the perfect image though. I want it to be really awesome because I figure someone coming to hunt for letterboxes at night doesn't have the advantage of seeing gorgeous scenery or wildlife (I would really hope to not see any wildlife at all if I was hunting a box at night!) to make up for the box being a dud.
So, here is my question: If you went letterboxing at night, what would make the experience a Blue Diamond for you? (not that that is what I am after, but you get the reference!) I will probably ask this on the boards too, especially since I no that only about two people read this!


  1. I think you'd be surprised how many people read your blog. I think the whole laundry angle is a hoot...

    For me, a good night box is one in a place where I could be a little scared, but not TOO scared. Somewhere I would feel safe bringing my children.

    If it were a good star-watching spot, that'd be a bonus!


  2. Reader 1 - dewberry
    Reader 2 - Mama Cache

    Like dewberry said, I'm sure there are more.
    Your title will draw at least a peek!

  3. hmm, nightbox -- i'm thinking, glow in the dark ink would be a big plus, or needing a black light. i'll have to think about the stamp image, though. I'm at least reader #3 (I was also witch #3 in MacBeth, wonder if there is a connection....)

  4. Reader #4-dtandfambly!!
    Your blog makes me happy: ) I love your new sign and I need one like it ASAP. Could you inform me of your source?
    Night letterboxing... great view of the stars, maybe a little creepy, but overall safe location. I don't want to worry about homeless folks rising up out of the newspaper to grab my ankle: )

  5. dtandfambly,
    My source for the sign was my computer-feel free to make your own!

  6. I love your sign, and I really enjoy hearing about your laundry issues. My own ironing is in a neat pile - where it has remained for one and a half months now :-)

  7. Hmmm...an iron. I think I got one of those when we got married. I wonder if it came with us when we moved?

  8. I read all the time. I'm a little bit of a slacker in the domestic department myself. :_

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