Friday, May 23, 2008

Big Zoo, Little Zoo

Our recent, impromtu trip to Minnesota was a complete success from our children's point of view(for an explanation of our reason for the trip, see here). Unburdened by financial or medical cares, they flung themselves with abandon into all the joys a vacation has to offer. The next few posts will be dedicated to some of those joys, although in no particular order.
A cool, overcast Monday found us wandering the completely delightful Como Zoo in St. Paul. As we live about an hour from Brookfield Zoo near Chicago, we were extremely pleased with this little zoo. Brookfield might have the advantage of size and significant funding, and it is difficult to see everything in one day because there is so much. But Como Zoo more than makes up for it with superior displays and animals that are obviously content with their homes.
We were amazed at how close you could get to the animals. Close enough to see them drooling...
Showing off...
Playing with Yo-Yos...
If you don't get that last reference, you need to watch Fantasia 2000.
I love going to the zoo when the weather is cooler. The animals are much more active, and the people much less so.
Yes, they had Koi. :)
No, the fam didn't let me find the letterboxes there. :(
There is also an amusement park and conservatory at Como, among other things, but those will be saved for another post.


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