Friday, May 30, 2008

The Prospect of a New Friend

Minneapolis/St. Paul is a wonderful place and I have loved it for years. It is clean, artsy, and easy to get around for the most part. You can actually find a parking place that doesn't require collateral and the family friendly activities abound. One of the first adventures that we had on our trip was meeting up with The Red Cat at Prospect Park after DH's first appointment. The following pictures are pretty self explanatory so I won't insult your intelligence by labeling them.

My children humored me enough to let me find the two boxes in this park. Getting to meet the Red Cat was a highlight of the trip for me. I have long admired her carving skills in postals and LTCs and it was a pleasure to be able to put a face with the trailname. Hi, Heather!!


  1. hey Stacy!
    i found you! how cool that you came to my neck of the woods. i'm glad you had good time. we love it here. you'll have to email me next time you're in town so we can hang out.
    hope all is well these days, take care
    (mamatc from HSB)

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