Thursday, May 29, 2008

Modern Art

Another episode in our travel adventures in Minnesota included a day at the Minneapolis Scultpure garden with my college roomie and her family. I am not a really big fan of a lot of modern art. Much of it seems to reflect chaos and a rebellion against God's intended order in the world. Which I understand is the whole point of much modern art. So it's not so much that I don't "get it", as it is that I get it far too well and rebel against the rebellion.
Oscar Wilde said "Life imitates art far more than art imitates life." Either way, the imitation makes the art recognizable. It is enlightening to walk, or rather run, through a sculpture garden with a child and see their view of the pieces. Can they recognize what they are "supposed" to be or relate to them or not? Without being told what they are?

Yep. That's a Spoonbridge and Cherry. (with St Mary's Basilica in the background)
This was, by far, the kid's favorite piece. There was a pair of ducks with 8 babies in the pond. Once here, J just parked and stayed by the cherry the rest of the time we were there. She had no interest in scoping out the rest of the scultpures.
Yep. That's a Walking Man. The girls had lots of theories for where he might be walking to, or from.
Yep. That's a Hare on a bell. Why the hare is on the bell is another story, but we had fun postulating.
Yep. That's a Glass Fish. Leave it to J to notice that the fish is standing out of the water because the pond is too small for it to fit inside.
Yep. That's Prometheus. And yes, he is strangling a vulture.
This amazed me. We didn't tell the girls what this was right away and yet this was M's reaction to it~to go lay down in front of it. The piece is called "Reclining Mother and Child".
Goddess with the Golden Thighs. It's a stretch (pun intended), but I can see this. But what woman in her right mind would be flattered by this sculpture? And if flattery wasn't the intention... I am sure was not the case with this one.
I am sure that a little research would reveal a great deal more about these sculptures. But it is so much more fun to imagine that Isamu Noguchi was mad at his wife when he carved "Judith".

There is a letterbox at the sculpture garden also. But in the planter's interest, I am going to keep those pictures to myself. :)
All in all, we had a wonderful time. There were many wonderful plants in the conservatory as well, but those are for another post.


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