Friday, May 23, 2008

Bordering on Insanity

*contains images of a yucky boo-boo.

This is a dog who doesn't know when to quit. He works so hard at herding his tennis balls that he won't pant. We have to make him stop and set him in front of the fan before he passes out.
He plays so hard that he gets grass stained fur. Wouldn't I love to rub him with some Fels Naptha and throw him in the Maytag!
In fact, he plays so hard that he doesn't pay attention to rusty fence posts sticking out of the ground in the farm yard. Did you know that dogs don't get Tetanus? How ironic.
This is a close up picture of me losing my trip to Ohio to see my brothers and their families.
On the lighter side, a very funny discussion came out of this. While driving to the ER Vet, our oldest was very upset and concerned and wanted to know what they were going to do with Kirby. Hubby explained that they would probably give him some medicine and stitch him up. J asked how they would do that and DH told her with a needle and thread. She instantly got extremely worried and shouted "What if it's not the right color!"
She has been around her sewing Grammy enough to know that when you stitch something together, the thread needs to match the surrounding fabric.
I nearly drove off the road laughing.
Look for a Kirby Quilt stamp sometime in the future.


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