Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chicken Licken

The second card in the Fairyland Playstage series is Chicken Licken. The pictures don't quite do it justice, in my opinion. The front of the card is the stage, or just a simple oak tree and pretty background. Incidentally, this oak tree stamp gets a lot of use around here.
From inside the card, all of the characters can be pulled out on translucent ribbons (similar to the 3 Billy Goats Gruff card) and the story can be acted out. Included with the card are the acorn that started the whole thing, Chicken Licken, Ducky Lucky, Turkey Lurky, and Foxy Loxy. The King is represented only by a small stamp image on the back of the card (not shown).
There were no add-ons for this card.

I have one other card in this series planned, but am having a booger of a time finding images that I want to carve. It's not that they don't exist. It's that they don't match what I have in my mind's eye. Humph.

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