Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Owls and Turtles

More spoilers! But if you haven't figured out not to look yet...

This first card is just something simple and fun that I put together when I needed a break from the Pixies. This stamp was created when working on photos for a carving tutorial that may make it's way onto AQ at some point.
Awhile ago, someone did a ring called Then & Now. I thought it was a great idea to create cards that featured an older carve and something new, but I could not participate at the time. Just before Christmas, I made these cards. They feature my Letterbox Turtle stamp, which was my very first carve ever and another turtle that I carved just for the card.

That's all for now! The rest of the Pixies are still forthcoming, but I got an order for some embroidery that I need to finish first, so it might be a couple of weeks.


  1. Will trade you one of my wise eyes owl cards for that owl.

    We love owls!


  2. I would also love to trade for an owl card! I have a women pirates card available that I made, as well as an owl-themed one made for me (to give out) by a friend of mine that is awesome. If you're up for a trade, AQ me! :)

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