Friday, January 23, 2009

High Maintenance Pixies

Caution: This post contains LTC spoilers!

Several weeks ago, the six year old discovered some pictures that she decided simply must be turned into stamps. That was the beginning of a project that I fear will never end. These trading cards have been more trouble than any of them that I have ever done. The carves take what seems like forever and there have been snags at almost every stage. Paper issues, adhesive issues, coloring issues, fairy etiquette issues, illness....

Currently, only 4 of the 7 stamps/cards are done, when I would have liked to have this project completely behind me by now. Below is a picture of the four that are done. We made two versions of each card: one that needs to be colored by the recipient and one that is pre-colored according to how she saw them in her head. I attempted to color a couple of them my way and was reprimanded. Apparently, soft peach is the only acceptable skin color for fairies (although I thought the silver looked kind of cool). I should also note that I am not allowed to call the blue one a pixie because it doesn't have wings~in spite of her acknowledgement of the fact that butterfly wings probably wouldn't work too well in the water. Somebody has become an overnight expert in all things fairy-ish, and it obviously isn't me.
I wonder what she'll cook up next?


  1. My only surprise is that they aren't all completely pink!

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