Monday, January 18, 2010


...back in my element. This carving was a good reminder that your stamp will only be as good as your image transfer. The image I started with wasn't very clear and so carving it took twice as much work. However, I really loved that it had both candles and pinecones in it.

On the mundane side (for posting purposes, at least), we are all still struggling with whatever bug this is that has taken hold. And both of my brothers are visiting from out of state, along with a whole passel of nephews and nieces. So unless I can dig up some more retro postals, this blog will be a little on the dry side this week. But I will be back sooner or later!


  1. Excellent stamp - you are the best knife carver!

    Hope you guys are over this bug soon, my friend :-)

  2. You did that with a knife?! You are amazing, my friend!

    Yes, hope you all get really well, soon! :o)


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