Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Relatives Came

Both of my brothers and their families are here from out of state, so we are all hanging out at our parents' this week. It is so fun having everyone together and watching all of the kids play. For the two of you who read the post on my other blog about Heaven on Earth, this partially answers my question. Heaven on Earth for me is having all of my family around me.
The following pictures don't represent everyone, but it's a start!
My 4yo niece, S

Aunt Stacy and niece P, S and R's baby sister

My Grandma Mary reading to L and R

DH with nephew G, L's baby brother

Today we're taking all of the littles to the children's museum. Guess what you're going to get to see tomorrow?

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  1. There is nothing like grandparents reading . . . makes me teary. I don't know how many times my dad has read The Gingerbread Man to my 5yo.


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