Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Snow Boxing

Shorty is participating in the Box of the Month swap this year and since he lives less than an hour away, we are privileged to be within striking distance of most anything he plants. So after piano lessons today, I bribed the girls into going down to Princeton for "just one box" which turned into "four easy boxes" and lunch with Questar. I'm not going to push my luck and actually ask them, but I think they even had fun.
The January box was Doggone Fun by SN Bone. Very nice! We are going to try to get all of the BOMs, and M thought it would be fun to take a picture in the same spot each time.

DoodlePaws and FlowerWind found deer, raccoon and bird tracks in the snow, as well as what might be the world's tiniest pine cones.

This is one of several covered bridges in Princeton. The sign above says "Five dollars fine for driving more than twelve horses mules or cattle at one time or for leading any beast faster than a walk on or across this bridge".


  1. How very cool! Love the pinecones - we have itty-bitty ones out here, too, but I'm not sure from what tree they come from.

    Great idea to take a pic in the same spot each time - that will be an interesting progression :-)

    Nice pic on the covered bridge - very, very cool!


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