Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Polar Fleece

Over the weekend we had several days of fog which resulted in a thick blanket of frost covering everything. The drive to church on Sunday was breathtaking in its beauty. These images can't begin to do it justice.

M and I wandered around the yard Sunday afternoon and admired the intricate detail of the icy spikes standing on all of the branches. It has crossed my mind more than once that perhaps the reason for God resting on the seventh day wasn't because he was tired from the work of the six days of creation (which we know isn't so anyway), but because he was preparing for all of the miraculous acts of creation to come. Each sunset, snowflake and baby smile is a reminder that God is still at work in this world.

We are still puzzling about this last photo. We found a tiny spider on the snow! It was alive, but too small to identify easily. It was no bigger than a grain of wheat. My guess would be that it is one of the species of wolf spider that we have in the yard. They create funnel shaped webs in the thick grass and flower beds. Amazing!


  1. the pointy butt and striping made me say wolf spiderr even before I finished reading your post. betcha that's what it is...but seeing it outside in teh snow like that is sorta strange, they aren't cold-lovers, even with all that hair!


  2. Love your pics, S! That frost on the trees is amazing! :o)

  3. Absolutely incredible :-)



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