Friday, January 8, 2010

Digging Out

The snow that was so beautiful while it was falling over the last two days is now blowing across the fields at 30+ miles an hour and creating mountainous drifts across the roads and driveway. Inside our house we are dealing with equally mountainous drifts of kleenex, dirty laundry and dishes after the storm of illnesses. Since we have already completed at least four of our weekly projects (not counting the ones we didn't post), we're going to take a few days off to finish recuperating and catching up on schoolwork, bills and other essentials.
We'll be back when I stop doing dumb things like putting my ice cubes in the microwave and feeding the dog bell peppers.


  1. Aww . . . it's okay about the ice cubes and the bell peppers . . . got a chuckle, though. Back to the essentials, huh? *sigh*

  2. Take care and stay warm...all of you! :-)


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