Thursday, July 23, 2009

By Request

As most of you probably are aware, it has been my lot to carve lots of fairies recently. So it came as no surprise last week when my Aunt in Florida asked me carve one for her. After completing George McDonald's Phantastes, she is planting a fairy garden, writing a blog post and planning a get together for her friends and wants to make invitations. I don't think I'm stealing her thunder since none of her friends read my blog.
I'm not particularly happy with this coloring and may try again later, but the stamp itself took me just over 8 hours~a record for me.

Now listen up! I am not carving another fairy, or faerie, or pixie, or sprite, or any other mischievous fantastical creature for a very long time, no matter who asks or how nicely. Got that?
At least not until next month.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful! :-)

    um...can I have a fairy?? lol!



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