Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Something Sunny

Today is the three year marker of the day the girls and I found our first letterbox. The weather is magnificent today and what I'd really like to do is hike about 10 miles, find a couple dozen boxes and spend time with some of my local boxing buddies. Instead I'm stuck in the house under a hiking moratorium pending the ACL reconstruction surgery verdict this afternoon, and still moping about having to miss the very first Letterboxing Convention ever. In a vain attempt to lift my spirits, I thought I'd post something bright and cheerful.
On Sunday, we had a birthday party here at our house for my wonderful Mother-in-Law. I do truly feel blessed with the family that I married into almost 13 years ago. Each one of them brings a measure of God's grace into my life. Wealth comes in many forms, and I am richer for knowing them.
We decorated with large vases of cone flowers and greenery and everyone raved at how gorgeous they were and wondered what florist I bought them from. Which is quite funny since all I had done was take my little snips out to the propane tank and cut a giant handful of the wildflowers growing there. The greenery is lots of the wild tansy that has spread all over our three acres and that we can't get rid of no matter what we do.
I never knew how many different kinds of Cone flowers there were until we started trying to restore parts of our windswept prairie. These are just a couple of the yellow varieties that we have. There are several other yellows, plus purples, whites, oranges and even one the color of Campbell's Tomato soup! Who knew?
I feel a little better now. Flowers, birds and bugs always cheer me up. Right now I'm going to park myself outside with my camera and try to solve The Mystery of The Holes. If I'm successful, you can read about it tomorrow.


  1. beautiful pictures, my dear...lovely to come home and see such vibrant flowers on your blog :-)

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