Saturday, July 4, 2009

A Puzzle for the 4th

Last night I stumbled upon the perfect LTC to share today, and since it looks like it is going to rain on our parade, I have time.
Quite some time ago, I made a number of LTC puzzles (and here are two more). Well, one of them didn't get quite finished. They are still sitting in a box and only need some minor assembly and they would be ready for trade (hint, hint).
When I get this one listed it will be Jigsaw Puzzles: I Love America, or something like that. It is difficult to tell, but the pocket has fireworks embossed in an iridescent, sparkly ink on it.
This LTC uses all recycled stamps. The USA stamp was from the International Triple postal project, Global Housewarming. It made it's way around the US, Canada, and the UK before coming home. The fireworks were part of one of my Periodic Table trading cards; Phosphorus, to be exact.

I wish everyone a happy, safe Independence Day!


  1. Oh, I like that idea soooo much! And I just love that USA stamp, very well done, my friend!

    I'd love to see it in person...hint, hint...

    ~SHH :-)

  2. Melzie,
    LTCs are Letterboxer Trading Cards, a form of Artist Trading Cards (or ATCs) that include a handcarved rubber stamp in the design.

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